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Our Story

Blackburnian Coffee Roasters began in the Fall of 2018. 

There would be no Blackburnian Coffee Roasters, however, without Chris. A few years ago Chris was the realtor that drove us to about 40 houses before we finally found one we could call home. During those many hours hunting for houses, we became fascinated with Chris--it quickly became apparent that he did everything he did for the good of others. After many hours together we found out that Chris had retired from a fulfilling career as a firefighter and was now spending his time selling houses and roasting coffee in order to make money to send across the world to help kids in poverty and crisis. We thought about how we wanted to live our lives like Chris. Besides loving coffee, we share Chris' heart to serve a greater purpose, namely doing what we can to share the love of Jesus with those who need it most.  

Sarah and I have been married since 2011. Since that time, Sarah has had a new, passionate dream about opening a meaningful coffee business nearly every week. Nearly every week I have found myself taking note that this passion has been incredibly consistent, but the how and when and where and how much $ consistently seemed to block these dreams from finding reality. 

In the Spring of 2018 we found out that Chris was considering spending less time roasting coffee. One morning in the kitchen washing dishes I wondered out loud "I wonder what Chris would do with his roasting equipment if he were to stop roasting," thinking that maybe we could take out some loans to purchase his equipment. 

Sarah, being far more assertive than me, said, "why don't you ask him?"

I'm always trying to keep up with Sarah's zeal for adventure, so I went for it. I sent Chris a text, a one-liner: "What's your exit plan for the coffee roasting?" 

A month later I got a response: "Do you have time to have lunch?" 

That day Chris and I got lunch together and he explained to me that God was at work. He shared that in the month between my text and his, he had been doing a lot of praying. Then his coffee roaster caught on fire, causing damage to his garage and all of his equipment, so he did even more praying. He told me that as he prayed he felt like God was asking him to give his equipment to us, with the only condition being that it continued to be used to share the love of Jesus with those in need of that love. 

Sarah and I were floored. I saw 7 years of dreaming coming true in front of my eyes. I watched in front of my eyes what generosity looks like, and that it is truly possible to give with a cheerful heart. 

So now we have a mission. That mission is to spread practical love to those who need it most by roasting and selling superb coffee. 

We'll explain the name Blackburnian Coffee in a future post. Until then, know that this coffee you're drinking has purpose. 


  • So happy to support you guys in this journey!! And love so much your heart for other people!
    Love you guys!!!

  • Hi Josiah and Sarah, this is such a great story! I look forward to hearing more and drinking more coffee, too!


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THANK YOU to all of you who continue to support Blackburnian Coffee! From here on out all our coffee will be Fairtrade and Organic. Order some for yourself and your friends and spread the love. 

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